Dentist In Mexico

Dental Tecate is member and acknowledged by the American Dental Association and is known as the most trusted dentist serving the oral health needs of adult and children across the entire San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County and Inland Areas ever since 1993.  Dental Tecate is the leading and most trusted dentist in Mexico that California residents trust most.  Not only do we offer the best innovative dental equipment and tools, but we also offer the most affordable dental procedures.  More than likely, you will not find another dentist as qualified, providing top-notch dental services at the most affordable prices anywhere else.  We strive for complete patient satisfaction as our patients are our main concern.  Even more so, our dentist in Mexico has the credentials, is licensed and has the skills to handle any dental procedure in our office.  Therefore, whenever area locals are interested in the finest quality dental services, Dental Tecate is the most affordable dentist in Mexico to always remember.

Tecate, Mexico is located within Baja California with more than 3.3 million people residing in there in Baja California.  Tecate is not far at from the southwestern part of California, which is nearest to San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County and Inland areas.  Because Dental Tecate isn’t far, it is convenient for California residents to get exceptional dental care for a fraction of the cost.  Are you looking for an exceptional dentist in Mexico, then you found it with Dental Tecate located in Tecate, Mexico.  For well over two decades, our revolutionary dental office has been providing all types of dental procedures like extractions, root canals, crowns, dentures, dental implants, porcelain veneers, orthodontics, cosmetic procedures, routine dental exams and so much more, all at a fraction of the cost.  Your family should have affordable dental care because there is no reason to pay inflated dental prices, when you can easily drive over to our dental office and receive outstanding dental services for a much cheaper price.  Dental Tecate is an affordable dentist in Mexico and is a member of the American Dental Association.  Find out why patients love coming to our dental office.

In comparison to other dentist in Mexico in the area, Dental Tecate is the leading dental provider offering affordable dental solutions.  We serve the dental needs of adults and children.   If you need an oral procedure done, braces or anything else that may require a dental specialist, you won’t need to wait and go to any other dentist in Mexico because we have all the required dental specialists under one roof.  Our affordable dental office staff knows exactly what patients want and need, and we’re recognized for not only fulfilling their dental needs but exceeding their expectations.  On top of that, our patient complete satisfaction is our main goal, and we will give excellence and honesty in everything we do!  We have established ourselves within the Southern California area as the greatest dentist in Mexico, and Dental Tecate wholeheartedly embraces compassion, quality service at affordable prices.  To make an appointment with Dental Tecate, please call: (619) 378-0236, today.