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Throughout the San Diego area, Dental Tecate is regarded as the leading affordable dentist San Diego provider serving the entire Los Angeles, San Diego, Inland, and Orange County areas since 1993.  We not only have the most revolutionary dental tools and equipment, but we also offer the most current and affordable dental procedures that are available for families.  On top of that, you will be glad to know Dental Tecate is a member of the American Dental Association.   We work for patient complete satisfaction, as it is our main priority.  Most likely, you may not find another dentist as qualified with exceptional credentials, offering premium dental services at the best prices.  We have all of the required dental professionals in one office to offer every type of dental procedure whether routine, cosmetic, oral surgery or orthodontics.  Therefore, at any time individuals in the area would like the absolute best dental services, Dental Tecate is the most affordable dentist San Diego to remember.

Tecate, Mexico is situated in Baja California with greater than 3.3 million people taking up residence there in Baja California.  Tecate is nearby the southwestern part of California, which is close to Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County and Inland areas.  Because Dental Tecate isn’t too far at all, it is convenient for residents in California to get fantastic dental care for a fraction of the price.  If you are looking for an extraordinary and reasonably-priced dentist San Diego, then you now have it with Dental Tecate situated in Tecate, Mexico.  For greater than 20 years, our cutting-edge dental office has been offering all sorts of dental procedures like routine dental exams, root canals, extractions, crowns, dentures, dental implants, orthodontics, porcelain veneers, cosmetic procedures and so much more, all at a fraction of the cost.  Your family is entitled to having affordable dental care simply because there is no reason to pay high dental prices, when you can easily stop by our dental office and get remarkable dental services for a more reasonable price.  Dental Tecate is an affordable dentist San Diego and a member of the American Dental Association.  Learn why our committed patients love going to our dental office.

Comparing to other affordable dentist San Diego in the area, Dental Tecate is known as the top dental provider offering a variety of specialized dental solutions at great prices.  We serve the dental needs of families including adults and children.   If you require a dental procedure like teeth getting pulled, braces or anything else that may call for a dental specialist, you will not need to wait long by scheduling an appointment with our affordable dentist San Diego mainly because we have a wide range of dental specialists under one roof.  Our affordable dental office staff knows exactly what patients want and need, and we’re recognized for not only fulfilling their dental needs but exceeding their expectations.  Also, our patient’s total satisfaction is our main concern, and we give honesty and excellence in everything we do!  We’ve established ourselves throughout the Southern California area as the leading most economical dentist San Diego, and Dental Tecate embraces quality and compassionate service at the most affordable prices.  To get your dental appointment scheduled, call Dental Tecate at: (619) 378-0236, today.